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Phelps Pet Products offer an exciting assortment of premium dog treats formulated to meet the nutritional and lifestyle needs of everyday dogs without sacrificing any flavor or fun. Disney Table Scraps Dog Treats bring wholesomely tasty recipes based on classic and modern Disney characters and films, from the sweet honey of Organic Honey Roasted Turkey Dog Treats to the meat-flavored Vegan Surf-N-Turf Dog Treats. Phelps Wellness Collection delivers premium jerky treats with specially formulated recipes that target specific needs of everyday dogs, supporting everything from hip and joint health to digestive health. If you’re a pet owner who treats their furry friend like family, Callie's Kitchen Simply Healthy Dog Treats are great-tasting treats that are guaranteed to please your companion. These healthy dog treats are inspired by wholesome kitchen ingredients found in our favorite recipes and are free of artificial preservatives and additives. Snack time for your canine companion can be as healthy as it is fun thanks to Phelps.

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