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No one wants their furry backseat driver bouncing around un-tethered while whipping around corners in their fancy ride. Keeping your road dog secured in a Dog Seat Harness makes for a much more enjoyable and safer ride experience when traversing suburbia. Your dog can have enough freedom to look out the window and lie down without having to worry about sudden turns or stop, plus you won’t have to worry about being distracted when driving your pooch around. Kurgo's line of harnesses includes the Impact  Dog Harness, which has been crash-tested and designed to reduce pitching forward in the event of impact. Each harness is easily adjustable and versatile enough to detach for use as a walking harness. The EzDog Chest Plate Dog Harness offers a dispersed weight load that's easier on dogs and their active handlers. The Pioneer Dog Harness from Gooby Pet Fashions is tough enough for a hiking trail yet comfy enough for the daily walk. Safety, versatility and comfort take priority when you choose from this assortment. 


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