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Inspired by human products, Nootie is a pet lifestyle brand that develops products to make your furry friend feel, smell and look their best. Their veterinary experience has produced lines of pet shampoos and pet fragrances that offer long lasting results with numerous benefits for your dog’s or cat’s skin and coat. Nootie Mediated Dog Shampoos are available in antimicrobial and anti-itch formulas that use veterinarian strength ingredients to soothe and protect without the use of parabens or harsh chemicals. These powerful formulas are also safe to use alongside your pet’s topical flea and tick treatments, allowing you to give your pup maximum protection that won’t wash off. Nootie Daily Spritzes Dog and Cat Fragrances offer vegan friendly pH balanced formulas that can moisturize skin while helping your pet smell great in between baths. Daily Spritzes offer a variety of fresh scents including vanilla, Japanese cherry blossom, cucumber melon and more. With a plethora of naturally derived ingredients such as Aloe and Oatmeal, Essential Fatty Acids, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary and Jojoba oil, Nootie pet grooming products will make a distinct difference in your pet’s skin and coat.

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