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Pharmacy for Cats

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About Our Pharmacy for Cats

Getting your feline friend the best medicine is now just one stop and a few clicks away with BaxterBoo’s cat pharmacy. With a prescription from your local vet, you’ll find some of the best prescription cat medications right here from pet antibiotics to pet insulin and much more! Provide your cat with the veterinary care needed to tackle common pet health issues and other conditions. Cats arthritis and inflammation hurts felines just like their human counterparts, so soothe their everyday discomfort with fast acting cat pain relief medicine. Parasites are also common among felines. With brands like Bravecto and Senergy, your cat can experience powerful protection from fleas, ticks and other critters in the form of vet-recommended topical solutions. Cat eye care is crucial for their wellbeing. Ophthalmic solutions, suspensions and ointments work great at fighting bacterial infections while soothing inflammation and redness in your feline’s precious peepers. Believe it or not, cats have allergies too. Treat their itching, swelling and redness on the spot with cat allergy relief tablets and antihistamines. Digestive health issues are also common for cats with issues ranging from loss of appetite to weight management challenges. Give them the right support while providing essential nutrients with our collection of cat digestive health medicines. You’ll also find cat thyroid support tablets that can treat your cat’s hyperthyroidism. BaxterBoo’s pet pharmacy is your home for prescription dog and cat medicines that can keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

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