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Chip's Naturals Doggie Chicken Chips Dog Treats

IB# 59374
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Product Information

Get your dog something they will love and is good for them with the Chicken Chips Dog Treats!

  • Finger Nippin' Good
  • 100% USDA whole chicken tenderloins
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Grain free
  • Gluten free
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Why We Love It:

Looking for a limited-ingredient protein-rich treat for your pet? These dog treats are made exclusively of chicken tenderloins and are only 2 calories each! These crispy doggie Chicken Chips are ideal for sustaining your pet between meals. 

Since these treats are grain free, gluten free, and low carb, they are a great choice for dogs that are diabetic or watching their figures. They can be a good choice for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities if they tolerate chicken.

The Kennelmaster Foods Chicken Chips are created from 100% USDA grade A chicken tenderloins that are harvested locally in Florida. These are the same chicken tenderloins and breasts that are delivered to the restaurants around Florida.

The crispy texture is good for dogs' teeth and gums. Your pet will love these chicken dog treats!

There are no fillers, chemicals or other unhealthy ingredients in Chicken Chips. Made in the U.S.A.

IB# 59374
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in Freemansburg Pennsylvania

Roxy is spoiled the very first time she had chicken chips from Baxterboo was last week. I thought she might like them I bought 2. At first all she did was sniffed it then she carefully took a tiny bite. After the first bite she loved her chips and wanted more. So here I am again buying more chicken chips for Roxy. I do love how the treats are healthy and they are made in USA.

By Lauren on Nov 27, 2019

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in Freemansburg Pennsylvania

Roxy just had surgery so I decided to buy more chips to make her happy. She just loves her chicken chips I only give her about 3 a day.

By Lauren on Nov 27, 2019

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Customer Reviews

(31 Reviews)
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Still a favorite snack
Posted On 10/09/20 by Lauren from Freemansburg, PA    Yes, Lauren recommends this product!
Best snack ever Roxy just loves them. When I order them I always pick up 2 bags.

Eleven’s Favourite Treats!
Posted On 10/01/20 by Corrina from Australia ,    Yes, Corrina recommends this product!
My dog just looooves these! We tried the cheese flavoured chicken chips (he loves those ones too!) but we finished them, so got the bulk bag of original chicken chips. They are like little wafers; thin & crispy style! Healthy with American home grown ingredients! Do your dog/best friend a favour & purchase these treats for them!

Chicken chips nothing but chicken
Posted On 06/08/20 by Daisy from Easton ,    Yes, Daisy recommends this product!
Best snack I’ve picked up. Nothing bad or artificial flavor. Great treats thanks.

Doggie Chicken Chips
Posted On 05/22/20 by Mary L P from Chicago, IL    Yes, Mary L P recommends this product!
One of the best treats I’ve found for my dog. Pure chicken...nothing else added. My Zoe loves it!

Crispy chewy chicken chips
Posted On 04/11/20 by Leo from Allentown ,    Yes, Leo recommends this product!
My package of chicken chips came in a small box, all the chips was safe and my dog loved eating it.

Snack time fun
Posted On 04/06/20 by Lauren from Freemansburg ,    Yes, Lauren recommends this product!
Roxy has always loved her chicken chips seems to make her happy. Snack time fun

Snack time favorite
Posted On 03/03/20 by Max H from ,    Yes, Max H recommends this product!
Will be buying more chicken chips in the near future for sure. It’s a snack time favorite

Dog’s favorite snack
Posted On 02/22/20 by Susan from , TX    Yes, Susan recommends this product!
My dogs just loved the chicken chips and I love the size of the chips. My Dog’s favorite snack!

Nicely sized bag
Posted On 02/18/20 by Clair H from Easton , PA    Yes, Clair H recommends this product!
Didn’t expect so many chips in this bag all of my dogs loved it.

Great treat
Posted On 02/08/20 by Max from Easton , PA    Yes, Max recommends this product!
From the big to the small dog all of them seems to really love this chicken chip snacks. Great treat!

Posted On 02/04/20 by Clair from Bethlehem , PA    Yes, Clair recommends this product!
Best treat ever All 3 of my dogs loved the chicken chips next time I will get the cheese chips.

Nice treats
Posted On 02/02/20 by Laurie from Bethlehem , PA    Yes, Laurie recommends this product!
Received them as dog birthday treat from my friend. First bite my dog loves them need to buy them .

Need more chicken chips
Posted On 01/14/20 by Daisy from Easton , PA    Yes, Daisy recommends this product!
Wow I found a cool chip my dogs love. Shopping for healthy treats much easier here. Need more chicken chips!!

Good treats
Posted On 01/08/20 by Clair from Bethlehem , PA    Yes, Clair recommends this product!
All my dogs love eating them. One bag last a couple days and that’s good. Don’t really like spending to much for one time only snacking and if you have more then one dog it can get expensive. Price for the amount of chips was great will be buying more.

Had a coupon
Posted On 01/03/20 by Lacey from Allentown , PA    Yes, Lacey recommends this product!
Treat was on the higher side I was ok I had a coupon and lucky thing my dog loved them. Will be buying more for her birthday.

So many chicken chips
Posted On 01/01/20 by Lauren from Freemansburg , PA    Yes, Lauren recommends this product!
I have enough chicken chips for Roxy to last a year. Her first chicken chips was when she was recovering from surgery. She loved it and I love how it’s made in the USA. I only buy treats that are healthy and made in America.

Roxy’s favorite treat
Posted On 12/13/19 by Lauren from Freemansburg , PA    Yes, Lauren recommends this product!
Since Roxy had this treat I looked around the stores and online and BaxterBoo you have the best price. The bag is kind of big and the chips are the right thickness.

Good quality
Posted On 11/23/19 by Lauren from Freemansburg , PA    Yes, Lauren recommends this product!
First time buying dog treats from Baxterboo since the treats are on the higher side. Dog clothes are sometimes worth it quality clothing and toys are a must. So since I had gift certificate and a coupon I decided to order some dog treats. I picked 2 of them thinking my dog will love it. I was right so happy I picked up 2. Her first chip was and is so cute watching her eat. Love the sound how Roxy eats them. The chip is super crunchy. I have 2 bags each 4 oz in my bag there was 46 chips and only 1 chip was broken. Wow that is amazing and baxterboo you are the best my dog chips came in a box. Will order more chips.

Chicken Chips
Posted On 06/11/18 by Christine S from Millville, NJ    Yes, Christine S recommends this product!
I have a VERY finicky chi. He will only eat a few things. He did enjoy chicken chips; however, other brands were thicker and if left out too long, they would become very hard. I have been searching other brands for a while now. I happened to come across your website in one of my searches. These chips were advertised as thinner and crispy. So I took a chance and ordered them. He LOVES them!!! Not only is my chi happy again with his treats but so is his Mom. Thank you!

Best treat there is
Posted On 06/10/18 by Susie B from Summerfield, FL    Yes, Susie B recommends this product!
This is the only treat my long haired chihuahua will eat. We've had to watch his weight on occasion so this is the perfect treat. I can break them in halves or quarters and he's perfectly happy. Great service by Baxter Boo.

Best Treat EVER!!
Posted On 08/30/17 by Denise L from Rosedale, NY    Yes, Denise L recommends this product!
Kingston can't get enough. They're GREAT!!

Chicken Chips
Posted On 08/26/17 by CHERYL D from Virginia Beach, VA    Yes, CHERYL D recommends this product!
My Malti Pom loves these chicken chips. She eats 5 or 6 every day, they are all natural and healthy so I do not worry about the ingredients. My order arrived promptly from Baxter Boo, so I recommend this product. I buy three bags at once. Highly recommend Baxter Boo and this product.

these should get 10 stars
Posted On 05/12/17 by Heidi G from Woburn, MA    Yes, Heidi G recommends this product!
This is the best dog treat ever. They smell good to me, so I imagine that they smell even better to my dog. Just one ingredient so I have no reservations about feeding my pup a whole bunch!

great dog treat
Posted On 04/21/17 by Carol B from Dennis, MA    Yes, Carol B recommends this product!
Chicken Chips are "high value" treats. My sheltie (and all his dog friends) love them. I love them too because they are easy to carry in coat pockets and easy to break into small pieces.

Chicken Chips
Posted On 02/05/17 by CHERYL D from Virginia Beach, VA    Yes, CHERYL D recommends this product!
These Chicken Chips are my dog's favorite treat. She is a maltese and loves to crunch, so these are small round and crunchy. Also, they are totally healthy, 100% chicken, no preservatives, no wheat, no gluten. I keep bags of these in supply because I do not want to run out! I highly recommend for all pups!

chicken chips
Posted On 11/15/16 by Rebecca S from ,    Yes, Rebecca S recommends this product!
Great treat. Only 2 calories per treat . Lulu loves them Also, very good service from Baxterboo! Thank you

Chicken Chips Review
Posted On 09/23/16 by Jan M from Tuscaloosa, AL    Yes, Jan M recommends this product!
My husband and I first discovered this product on a trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia. My dog, Pancake just loves them. We have not been able to find them in Tuscaloosa, AL so I ordered from your website. Process was quick and easy. Pancake was excited beyond belief and even my cat likes them!

Chicken chips
Posted On 05/22/16 by laverne from Phoenix, MD    Yes, laverne recommends this product!
Absolutely irresistible by my pups. One dog turns his nose away from all other treats, but if I offer chicken chips, he comes running. Don't know what's in them, but please keep selling them. They are hard to find outside of Florida.

Great Treat
Posted On 12/07/15 by Jill F from Jacksonville, FL    Yes, Jill F recommends this product!
Lexi loves the Chicken Chips Dog Treats and getting them at BaxterBoo is even greater because of the low price!

Chicken Chips - a fast favorite
Posted On 09/18/15 by Heidi G from Woburn, MA    Yes, Heidi G recommends this product!
My dog absolutely loves these treats. They are almost as thin as potato chips and smell (to me) just like the chicken people eat . . . no funny smell like some other chicken treats that we've tried. This will definitely be a staple for us in the future.

Diddo. Loves. Chicken. Chips!!!!
Posted On 03/06/15 by MICHELLE O from new underwood, SD    Yes, MICHELLE O recommends this product!
My. Lil. Diddo'. Diva. Loves. Her. Chicken. Chips. A!most. As. Much. As. She. Loves. All. Her. Other. Jerky. Treats!! Most. Definitely. Will. Buy. A lot. More. In. The. Future!! It. Is. An. Extremely. Great. Product!!!!! Like. A. Potato. Chip. For. Puppies!!! ♥

Irene's Testimonal (Via Email)

Very nice company to deal with.

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