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Coachi Whizzclick Dog Training Tool - Light Blue/ Navy Button

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IB# 119048
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Coachi Whizzclick Dog Training Tool - Light Blue/ Navy Button


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Teach your dog that click equals reward with your Coachi Whizzclick Dog Training Tool - Light Blue/ Navy Button. Effective training begins with positive reinforcement.

  • Clicker and whistle
  • Compact and easy to hold
  • Includes training instructions and a lanyard

Why We Love It:

Our hand-held Coachi Whizzclick Dog Training Tool is a 2 in 1 clicker and whistle that makes training easy and fun. Teach your pet that a click means a treat is coming, and you’re ready to train nearly anything, from basic obedience commands to tricks and agility training. 

Clicker training is a clear way to train your pet using a click and a reward to tell your pet he’s done something you like. The click sound tells your pet a fun thing is coming – a small, tasty treat or toy as a reward. It doesn’t take long for pets to understand how to play this game, and once they learn, they’re usually eager for more. The Whistle is great for recall training as they help to standardise commands and are a useful tool for all the family to use. Using a whistle allows you to have control over a greater distance and enables distance commands, such as 'sit'.

IB# 119048

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

Handheld Clicker
  • Length: 3.5"
  • Width: 1.75"
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