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PetzLife Complete 3-in-1 Dog Toothbrush

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IB# 85231
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PetzLife Complete 3-in-1 Dog Toothbrush


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Dogs will feel clean and fresh with the quick PetzLife Complete 3-in-1 Dog Toothbrush!

  • Bristles 3 sides
  • Comfort grip
  • Dishwasher safe

Why We Love It:

The PetzLife Complete 3-in-1 Dog Toothbrush will keep your dog healthy by keeping his teeth their best! The bristles on the three flexible heads to make brushing time faster and easier. Use it with dog toothpaste only (never use human toothpaste). Gently brush using lateral strokes. No rinsing necessary. Ideal for cleaning teeth and massaging around gum line and hard-to-reach places. For best results use with PetzLife Gel or Spray sold separately.

IB# 85231
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