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Rex Specs Lens Wrap V2 Single Dog Replacement Lens - Purple Googly Eyes

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IB# 123123
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Rex Specs Lens Wrap V2 Single Dog Replacement Lens - Purple Googly Eyes
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Add a unique and fun look to dog with the Rex Specs Lens Wrap V2 Single Dog Replacement Lens with Purple Googly Eyes so your dog can always be on the go! 

  • Custom "stickers" for your dog Rex Specs goggles
  • Easy-to-see-through design
  • Lens are spherical, polycarbonate, and have UV400 lenses
  • Lens are interchangeable with Rex Specs V2 Frame Only
  • Perforated vinyl sticker
  • Includes 2 vinyl wraps and 1 smoke lens

Why We Love It:

If your lenses get boring or worn out, replace them easily with this Lens Wrap replacement lens. The lens are easy to change out. It comes with one lens and vinyl wrap. These Goggles help dogs who need eye protection from the sun, flying debris, wind, rocks, and bugs. So make sure your dog's lenses are always in good condition. Check out all variations of wraps to change up your dogs eyes.


To replace the lens on your Rex Specs; 

First pull down on the bottom and pull up on the top of the goggles to get the old lens out of the frame. Then just fit the new lens into the frame and you have new lens for your Rex Specs. 

Easy and simple!

IB# 123123

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

  • Head: Less than 10.5in Muzzle: Less than 6in
  • Head: 10.5-12in Muzzle: 6-8in
  • Head: 12-14in Muzzle: 8-9in
  • Head: 14-17.5in Muzzle: 9-11.5in
  • Head: 17.5+ in Muzzle: 11.5+ in
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