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Rubit Dog Tag Clip - Pink Heart

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IB# 115012
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Rubit Dog Tag Clip - Pink Heart
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The Rubit (roo'-bit') Dog Tag Clip in the Pink Heart is a simple, stylish, and secure clip that lets you swiftly transition tags to different collars.
  • Attaches directly to a dog’s collar
  • Easy to put on, quick to secure
  • Change dog collars, easily move the dog tags
  • Remove the Rubit! to quiet tag jingle at night
Why We Love It:
Are you tired of breaking nails when changing your dog's identification tags from one collar to another? Our stylish and functional Pink Heart Rubit allows you to easily change out your pup's collar and add the tags without problems.  
To end your tag exchange difficulties, simply add your dog's tags to the included jump ring (one last time) and attach the Rubit to your dog's collar with the integrated clip. 
When you want to use a different collar, simply use the spring-loaded clip and transfer the tags from your old collar and clip it to the new one. It's that easy! 
Why limit yourself to one dog collar when there are so many outfits and holidays to coordinate with? Now, thanks to the Rubit, it's easy to change out your pup's collars to match every outfit or mood.
This Pink Heart is perfect for Valentine's Day, Christmas, patriotic events, and year-round!
You can attach the Rubit directly to your dog’s collar or use it on the leash attachment area. 
Do you hate nighttime tag noise when your pet is restless? Simply remove the Rubit to end the tag jingle at night. Just remember to put them back on in the morning!
The small pink heart Rubit is also perfect for your cat! Being able to easily remove the tags before bed to keep their tags from clinking during their nocturnal activities is definitely a plus!
The Rubit comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. They are each sold separately. Tag and collars not included.
Sizing Information:
Small: 21.9mm Diameter
Medium: 27.2mm Diameter
IB# 115012
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