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Wondercide Shampoo Bar for Dogs and Cats - Exfoliating

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IB# 94011
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Wondercide Shampoo Bar for Dogs and Cats - Exfoliating
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Get a controlled and revitalizing clean with the Wondercide Shampoo Bar for Dogs and Cats in Exfoliating with Neem Bark and Patchouli!

  • Freshly ground neem bark for exfoliant
  • Neem oil  fights bacteria and fungus
  • Coconut oil lathering power
  • Wash with one hand hold pet with other
  • Made in the USA!

Why We Love It:

The Wondercide Shampoo Bar for Dogs and Cats is much easier to use than liquid shampoo when trying to cleanse a wriggling pet, this dog and cat shampoo bar goes on easily and washes out in half the time. Coconut oil powers a lush lather, while neem works to revitalize and leave a shiny, soft coat. The neem oil has been used for centuries as a general antiseptic which is great at fighting fungus and bacteria on your pet. Lathers great for a super-sudsy wash and rinses well. Powered by natural essential oils, this plant-based dog shampoo bar has no toxic chemicals, artificial colors, fragrances, dyes, parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. Cruelty-free. Make bath time more convenient. Scrub coat with one hand at bath time. Celebrate with the other!


Saponified Oils (Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil), Neem Oil, Neem Powder, Neem Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Patchouli Oil, Honey.

IB# 94011

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

.5 oz Trial Size
  • Capacity: 0.5oz.
4 oz
  • Capacity: 4oz.
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