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Zanies Croakers - Green Frog

IB# 1485
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Product Information

Your pup will hop right into fun with one of our Zanies Croakers Green Frogs!

  • Ultra-soft plush fabric
  • Perfect for cuddling or tossing
  • Life-like sound chip
  • Choose from 4 1/2" or 6 1/2" sizes

Why We Love It:

You will nearly croak when you squeeze these fun and floppy frog toys.

You and your dog will be delighted with the croaking sound chip that "ribbits" when the toy is squeezed! The eye-catching material is supremely soft and is great for snuggling with.

The soft limbs are great for even tiny dogs to carry these adorable amphibians around. Plus, with so many appendages, you have a decent chance of finding a dry handle for you to engage in a game of toss!

These little frogs are available in the 4.5" or 6.5" sizes so teacup, toy, small, and medium-sized dog breeds can find their perfect-sized playmate.

This plush stuffed animal dog toy is perfect for puppies and dogs who need a comfortable cuddle buddy to play with, sleep with, and even chew a little. While it's not a toy for heavy chewers, your dog won't be able to resist mouthing it to make the fun croaking sound go off!

This cheery green chum will be perfect in your dog's Christmas stocking or Easter basket and would make a great St. Patty's day gift. Truly, it would be a great plush dog toy any time of year!

100% polyester fabric and polyfill. 

Zanies Pet Toys are made from top-quality new materials and are quality tested for safety and durability.  

Caution: Do not allow your pet to play with any toy if it becomes torn. Proper supervision is advised. 

IB# 1485
Sizing Guide

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

Small 4 1/2"
  • Length: 4.5"
Medium 6 1/2"
  • Length: 6.5"
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in Denver CO

Sleeping with her buddy!

By Kelly on Apr 7, 2017

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in Springboro PENNSYLVANIA

Chloe loves frogs!

By JoAnn on Dec 14, 2014

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in Washington Missouri

Jackie was found in a field as a puppy by a coworker of my nephew. My nephew had him for almost a year but Jackie and I formed a special bond and they gave him to me. Now he is as spoiled as his brother, Chewie and his sister, Maya.

By Laurie on Oct 8, 2014

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in West Palm Beach Florida

Finally, a small toy just for me!

By Ruth on Apr 1, 2012

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in Costa Mesa CA

Playing fetch!

By Emily on Jun 7, 2011

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Customer Reviews

(38 Reviews)
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I may need to buy a backup!
Posted On 04/14/20 by Diana from , NC    Yes, Diana recommends this product!
I bought the small frog for my boy Pug as he LOVES little squeaky toys. This little frog is now my Pug's favorite (it became "soggy froggy" within the first half hour that my Pug played with it), so I think I may need to buy a backup!

Best friend
Posted On 02/28/20 by K from , CA    Yes, K recommends this product!
Frog toy has to be one of my dogs favorite go to toy she just loves it.

Smaller frog
Posted On 02/19/20 by Laura from , NY    Yes, Laura recommends this product!
Daisy loves her new frog toy brings it to bed.

Cute small toy
Posted On 01/25/20 by Lacey from Allentown , PA    Yes, Lacey recommends this product!
I normally try to find soft small toy. Love how this toy has 4 smaller size parts legs & arms. Makes it easier for Fifi to play with.

It Crocks
Posted On 01/16/20 by suzanne z from Montesano, WA    Yes, suzanne z recommends this product!
Very cute toy for the dogs. It crocks, not like others that squeak. They love it.

Christmas favorite toy
Posted On 01/09/20 by Clair from Bethlehem , PA    Yes, Clair recommends this product!
Adorable fun little toy hours of fun and makes a great sleeping pillow for my small dog.

Posted On 01/03/20 by Paisley from , OH    Yes, Paisley recommends this product!
I got the small for my Chihuahua and it's a hit. I'm hopeful that having this frog inside (that actually 'ribbits' and all) will prevent her from continuing to play with the one who lives in our bushes that she always manages to find and put in her mouth (luckily she hasn't tried to squeak that one and it's always dropped unscathed but, ewwwwww). This is very well made and even cuter in person than the picture. The only adjustment we had to make were to the eyeballs - since the pupil and iris are just stitched on, Paisley managed to pull one up far enough that another go around she could have eaten it. It looks a little odd without them but she can play to her heart's content now so that's a win!

Cute Toy
Posted On 12/29/19 by Jeannine L from , FL    Yes, Jeannine L recommends this product!
I purchased the small one for my 30lb dog, and its perfect for him. He tends to like small toys, so this toy is the perfect size for him.

Green Frog croaking toy
Posted On 11/10/19 by Joan K from LAKEWOOD, OH    Yes, Joan K recommends this product!
Love, love, love this toy for my small dog!!!!! She loves to play with it and throw it around and the sound it makes is unique and different!!!!

Lots of fun!
Posted On 09/22/17 by Terri C from Bethlehem, PA    Yes, Terri C recommends this product!
I purchased the 6.5" (medium) size for my 2 Yorkies. It's a great size for them. They love chewing of the arms and legs and can easily send it sailing across the room. Just have to say that every product I've ever bought from Baxter Boo has been of excellent quality!

croaking frog for x small dog
Posted On 09/13/17 by AL V from , NY    Yes, AL V recommends this product!
Makes legitimate frog sounds when pressed , and perfect size for x small dog. Made well, gets chewed up and hasn't broken down.

Zanies Green Frog Croaker
Posted On 08/31/17 by Virginia M from Sanibel, FL    Yes, Virginia M recommends this product!
My dog has had this toy before and loved it. I bought another in an even smaller size and it is a big hit too! The sound is cute and loud for such a small toy.

Green Frog
Posted On 08/28/17 by Billie J from Hemphill, TX    Yes, Billie J recommends this product!
My puppy loves this green frog, but the Crocker's sound has stopped working.

My dogs love this toy!
Posted On 08/01/17 by Amanda K from Philadelphia, PA    Yes, Amanda K recommends this product!
The medium sized frog is perfect for my shih tzus. My 2 year olds Piper and Penelope love carrying their toys around the house and this one is great because they can easily hold it by the legs and arms. I like it because it's a perfect size for them to carry safely up and down the steps. They really are into the toys with sound chips and this is no exception... you always hear croaking when they're playing. This toy is so great I actually bought backups.

Zanies Croakers
Posted On 05/12/17 by Joan K from Lakewood, OH    Yes, Joan K recommends this product!
My pup loves this toy and the noise it makes & has lots of legs to chew on!

Croaking Frog is a Hit
Posted On 05/12/17 by Sharon O from Toronto,    Yes, Sharon O recommends this product!
Glad I ordered 5 of these because my dog Cooper is CRAZY for it! I have to put the frog 'to bed' in order to get him to settle down. A good workout in the evening!

NOTE: For Canadian orders, it took about a month to arrive. Price and quality is worth the wait!

Great Squeak Toy
Posted On 04/30/17 by KELLY W from , MO    Yes, KELLY W recommends this product!
My Yorkie loves this toy. Rather than the usual "squeak" toy it "ribbits" when she squeaks it. She picks this toy and plays with it more often than another squeak toy.

Cute Frog ?? toy
Posted On 04/19/17 by Maggie from Norfolk, VA    Yes, Maggie recommends this product!
This is the cutest little frog toy I have ever seen! It is well-made and the sound it makes when you press on it is a cute little "ribbit" sound instead of a squeak. The perfect size for my black lab to carry around and the different sound it makes holds his attention too!

Green Frog
Posted On 03/25/17 by Pamela G from Rancho Murieta, CA    Yes, Pamela G recommends this product!
It's adorable, it's a gift for one of my best friend's dog. Can't wait to give it to him.

Posted On 10/26/16 by Laura B from , NE    Yes, Laura B recommends this product!
Cute product. I like this toy.

Posted On 04/24/16 by Florence N from Mount Vernon, NY    Yes, Florence N recommends this product!
I love this little frog. It sounds like a genuine ribbit from a real frog. My dog's prefer squeaker toys, so I get to keep this little cutie. Lol.

Posted On 04/05/16 by Daughn C from Soldotna, AK    Yes, Daughn C recommends this product!
I finally found this item, my little Max just loves this toy so much he destroyed the first one. Soon as he got his new one, he flipped it all over and lost it. Took me a day to finally locate it, on a shelf where I keep my glasses. Too funny.

Green Frog
Posted On 02/26/16 by Gloria G from Birmingham, AL    Yes, Gloria G recommends this product!
Love this toy. Love the croaker sound it makes. My dog loves to carry it everywhere he goes.

Posted On 02/10/16 by Stacey S from Knoxville, TN    Yes, Stacey S recommends this product!
Adorable toy! Love the croaking sound.

Frog Toys
Posted On 01/09/16 by Bonnie B from Winston Salem, NC    Yes, Bonnie B recommends this product!
These are way to cute. They croak like a frog and really got my yorkies attention. I will probably buy more for Christmas gifts.

Zanies Croakers - Green Frog
Posted On 11/18/15 by Pamela B from Hewitt, NJ    Yes, Pamela B recommends this product!
My dog loves this toy. As soon as I made it ribbit, he was after it. It's great because the button is easy for the dog to bite on its own, so I don't have to constantly press it. My dog loves this frog!

Fun ribbit noise
Posted On 11/15/15 by Lindsay T from Denver, CO    Yes, Lindsay T recommends this product!
This toy is a little smaller than I thought (I got the smaller version), but I love the ribbit noise it makes instead of a squeaker!

zannies croakers
Posted On 11/10/15 by sheila m from howell, MI    Yes, sheila m recommends this product!
Austin was so surprised when the frog croaked. He loves it and carries it everywhere

Posted On 09/01/15 by margaret s from ,    Yes, margaret s recommends this product!
Great croakers! Great fun!

Actual frog sound
Posted On 07/23/15 by BjAm from Glendale, WV    Yes, BjAm recommends this product!
Have 4 Chihuahua's and when I first tried the squeak, since this is one of the most important part of a toy, to their amazement and mine the sound was of an actual frog. First they ran then their curiousity got the best of them and now they wrestle, trying to decide who gets to play with him. Made well and so far they have not tore it or tried to get the squeaker part out.

Posted On 07/20/15 by Penny from Lakewood, CO    Yes, Penny recommends this product!
This is the cutest little frog toy ever. Instead of being a squeaky toy, it croaks like a frog. It repeats a few times so it keeps my dog playing. Very fun little dog toy!

So cute!
Posted On 06/17/15 by Deborah M from BRIDGEVILLE, PA    Yes, Deborah M recommends this product!
My daughter 's pug, Ziggy loves this cute little frog...the squeaker is awesome...his favorite new toy!

Love It!
Posted On 05/23/15 by Charlene S from Crest Hill, IL    Yes, Charlene S recommends this product!
Dixie hasn't received this yet since it is a birthday present for her. She will be getting this on May 26th when she turns 8 years old. I know she will love it and I'm glad the got the bigger size. She loves frogs so this will become a special toy for her!

Ribbit frog
Posted On 02/22/15 by Lorna H from Placerville, CA    Yes, Lorna H recommends this product!
He is tiny and cute and does "ribbit". However, his cloth bulgy frog eyes are a sure target for little teeth. Our frog now has one eye, but Denver loves him.

Good Toy
Posted On 10/14/14 by K. from , VA    Yes, K. recommends this product!
These are very small toys and very well made. They make a pleasant soft croaking sound and are easily carried by tiny toy and small dogs. They will last a long time if the dog is not destructive. I highly recommend!

Ribbit Ribbit
Posted On 10/12/14 by Louise E from ,    Yes, Louise E recommends this product!
Dogs love the sound. Nice little toy for the price!

fun froggy
Posted On 10/08/14 by kristi g from , FL    Yes, kristi g recommends this product!
I got this toy for my recently adopted dachshund and he loves it! He doesn't seem to be as interested in squeaker toys as all my other doxies have been but he loves the Croaker sound that this groggy makes!

Posted On 10/07/14 by Laurie P from Washington, MO    Yes, Laurie P recommends this product!
I bought this for Chewie and since it came to our house this little guy has been anything but lonely. Jackson and Maya love to play with it, too. Chewie and Jackie play with it together. When it makes it's frog sound, Jackie jumps straight up in the air. This toy entertains me and my husband almost as much as it does the dogs!

Jeannie's Testimonal (Via Email)

I absolutely love your products and will definitely recommend your site to all my doggie loving friends!

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