6 Great Innovative Litter Box Options for Your Cat

Published: June 21, 2024
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Cats are excellent pets for many reasons. One common reason is that they're easy to house-train. Most owners provide their pets with litter boxes, which cats tend to use instinctively. Litter boxes are unobtrusive and are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Here are six great innovative litter box options for your cat.

Richell PAW TRAX® High Wall Cat Litter Box

The Richell PAW TRAX® High Wall Cat Litter Box is a great option for cats that tend to dig, kick litter out of lower boxes, or spray over the walls. It can keep those messes contained. It can also make cats that prefer or need open boxes more comfortable while still giving them privacy.

This box comes in two colors: white and salmon pink. It also comes in two sizes: regular and X-large. The X-large size is ideal for larger cats and cats that prefer wider or roomier spaces. This box also features:

      An attachable scoop

      An Anti-Tracking Grate Step to keep cats from tracking litter out of the box on their paws

      A recessed handle to make cleaning and relocation easier

Necoichi Pop-Up Portable Cat Litter Box

If you need to travel long distances with your cat, then you need a portable litter box. The Necoichi Pop-Up Portable Cat Litter Box provides cats with a place to do their business while on the go. This portable litter box is foldable and snaps closed, allowing you to transport and store it easily. The waterproof liner ensures easy cleanup.

You can use this litter box:

      At home

      For emergencies

      During travel


      In extended-stay lodging

PetSafe ScoopFree Smart Covered Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Automated litter boxes like the PetSafe ScoopFree Smart Covered Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box are more popular than ever. These litter boxes take much of the labor related to litter box maintenance off your shoulders. They also require less frequent litter refills. Because of their technological capabilities, automated litter boxes can have higher initial costs, but they're excellent investments for cat owners.

This self-cleaning litter box includes:

      Odor control

      Cat health monitoring tools

      Leak protection

      An app connected to the box

The app monitors the box's condition and allows you to set maintenance reminders for yourself and customize the maintenance schedule based on data such as the number of cats in your household.

Richell PAW TRAX® Top Open Cat Litter Pan

The Richell PAW TRAX® Top Open Cat Litter Pan is quite similar to a traditional litter box but it has several unique features. Compared to older, boxier litter boxes, this pan is rounder and sleekier in design, which can help it fit into modern decor or be easier to hide.

Its design also includes an open top, a concave shield around the top, an attachable scoop, and a recessed handle on the bottom. The open top makes it easier for cats that dislike covered boxes to use. The shield helps keep litter and spray from scattering while ensuring cats have easy access. The recessed handle can help make cleaning and relocation easier.

This litter box comes in three colors: brown, white, and salmon pink. It is suitable for cats of all sizes and types. It's also made from durable plastic, which makes it long-lasting and easier to clean.

Richell PAW TRAX® Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Many cats prefer to do their business in covered litter boxes rather than open ones. This is because cats tend to prefer as much privacy and safety as possible when they feel vulnerable. Covered boxes are also good for cat owners because they minimize the risk of litter and waste escaping the box.

However, some covered litter boxes can be bulky and difficult or time-consuming to clean and move. The Richell PAW TRAX® Top Entry Cat Litter Box provides the best of both worlds. It gives cats a litter box that feels secure while ensuring owners don't struggle to keep it clean.

Three color options are available: salmon pink, brown, and white. This box includes several features that help keep litter contained and the space around it clean. They include:

      High walls and a filter lid to prevent spillage and litter scattering

      A removable lid

      A sleek, rounded design with fewer nooks and crannies to clean

      An attachable scoop

Richell PAW TRAX® Rimmed Cat Litter Pan

If your cat won't or can't use fully-enclosed or covered litter boxes and needs a box with an accessible entrance, the Richell PAW TRAX® Rimmed Cat Litter Pan could be a great option. this sleek, oval-shaped litter pan has a wide entrance that ensures easy access and rimmed walls that offer cats privacy and help prevent litter scattering. The back walls are higher than the entrance.

This pan comes with a recessed handle and an attachable scoop. It also comes in three colors: white, brown, and salmon pink. The pan's recessed handle makes it easier to move and clean. Its rounded design also makes cleaning easier. There are fewer corners for debris and waste to get trapped in. It's also long-lasting due to the durable plastic it's made from.

Every cat is unique and has different preferences. Whether you're preparing for a new pet or getting your cat a brand new litter box, keep the cat's preferences and needs in mind when you make your decision. You should also choose a box that meets your maintenance needs. For example, busy people may find automated boxes or pans with rounded edges useful because they cut down on maintenance time.

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