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American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness by Doggie Design - Black

IB# 10352

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Product Information
The American River Choke Free Mesh Dog Harness in black is sure to be your pet's favorite way of getting around the neighborhood in comfort and safety. This stylish harness is comfortable enough to wear around the house too!
  • Double safety closure
  • Reflective strips for night walking
  • Fashionable embroidered logo
  • Patented design
  • Made of 100% polyester mesh
  • Machine washable
Why We Love It:
American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness protects pets' vulnerable airways by distributing all pulling pressure over the chest - not the neck. This is particularly important for teacup and small dog breeds prone to damaging their tracheas.
Though gentle on your pet, strength is not sacrificed. The double safety closure has touch fastener and a high-strength plastic side release buckle. This harness also includes a Double D-Ring leash attachment for an additional level of strength and safety when used with a leash. 
Simple and easy to use! Have your pet step in the leg holes, wrap the fabric up and around the back, smooth the touch fastener and clip the buckle. When using with a leash, clip through both D-rings.
Do you have a hard-to-fit dog or cat? This harness can be customized with wide touch fastener fabric that can be swiveled at an angle to adjust to most any pet. Experiment with the angle of the hook and loop fabric to find the best fit to prevent any gaps in the fabric. This will keep your pet safe and comfortable.
The mesh fabric is sturdy, soft, and breathable, making it ideal for most any climate. Reflective strips are included for better visibility in low-light conditions.
This Ultra Choke Free Harness is the perfect design for use as a dog seat belt harness to keep your pet from interfering with your driving. The choke-free design will provide your pup extra safety in the event of an accident. 
Made of 100% soft mesh polyester. Machine wash and line dry. 



Weight (pounds)




























IB# 10352
Sizing Guide

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

  • Chest: 9"-11" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 2lbs.-4lbs.
  • Chest: 11"-13" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 4lbs.-6lbs.
  • Chest: 13"-16" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 6lbs.-11lbs.
  • Chest: 16"-19" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 11lbs.-16lbs.
  • Chest: 19"-21" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 16lbs.-25lbs.
  • Chest: 21"-24" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 25lbs.-40lbs.
  • Chest: 24"-27" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 40lbs.-50lbs.
  • Chest: 27"-30" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 50lbs.-60lbs.
  • Chest: 30"-33" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 60lbs.-90lbs.
How to Measure Your Dog's Feet for Dog Clothes
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American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness by Doggie Design - Black Customer Photos - Send us your photo!



in Wayne NJ

Frankie loves to go for walks with his cute American River Harness!

By Karen on May 6, 2019

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Customer Reviews

(43 Reviews)
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Choke Free Harness
Posted On 03/14/19 by Margo C from Phoenix, AZ    Yes, Margo C recommends this product!
I have purchased several of the American River Choke Free harnesses and I love them! They are easy to get on and off my little furbaby and stay in place perfectly while we are out and about. I highly recommend this product!

Black Doggie Design Harness
Posted On 09/18/18 by Susan G from West Lawn, PA    Yes, Susan G recommends this product!
Black is always classic and both my dogs look great it in. This harness is a terrific fit and wears well, especially after the rough and tough tumbles mine put it through on a walk or yard play.

Black American River Harness
Posted On 03/26/18 by Susan G from West Lawn, PA    Yes, Susan G recommends this product!
We bought this for several dog friends and they love it as much as we do. Our dogs stay safe and secure on walks while wearing it. It is a great fit and does not gap the way other harnesses do that often leads to escapes.

Black Doggie Design
Posted On 12/25/17 by Jesus M R from San Angelo, TX    Yes, Jesus M R recommends this product!
I cannot say enough Doggie Design makes the perfect fit harness and we love the various colors

Best Harness!
Posted On 11/11/17 by Patricia C from , NJ    Yes, Patricia C recommends this product!
This is a great harness. No choking for my little guys and helps prevent collapsing trachea! Easy to get on and off. Easy to clean. Love it!

Great Product
Posted On 08/01/17 by Paula C from ,    Yes, Paula C recommends this product!
Another great harness, MacKenna Rose still too small, but will fit in this soon!

American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness
Posted On 07/29/17 by Vinny from Palm Harbor, FL    Yes, Vinny recommends this product!
Bought to replace an identical harness with a larger size. Harness fits true to sizing info. Strong, light and fits my Staffy perfectly. Highly recommend.

Great Harness
Posted On 07/22/17 by Paula C from , NY    Yes, Paula C recommends this product!
Love these! Thanks Baxter Boo

Great product.
Posted On 05/12/17 by Joan F H from Pamplico, SC    Yes, Joan F H recommends this product!
Baxter Boo has well made and beautiful things.

Posted On 04/27/17 by Lisa M from , PA    Yes, Lisa M recommends this product!
I have a 16 pound Jack Russell terrier mix and this harness (in large) fits her very well and seems to be very comfortable, too. She has worn this stye for 3 years and we have multiple colors - love them!

Easy to put on
Posted On 01/12/17 by Ellen Silverberg from Oakland Park, FL    Yes, Ellen Silverberg recommends this product!
This harness is easy to put on and fits my dog. I've had trouble fitting with other harnesses I've bought but not this one.

PERFECT Little Dog Harness!
Posted On 12/09/16 by Victoria from Westminster, CO    Yes, Victoria recommends this product!
I have searched alot of different shops looking for a good, safe, and good looking harness for my tiny Shih Tzu, who weighs in under 5#. I've found alot of things that are more ridiculous junk than harness, and never have I seen one meant for a tiny, that actually fit properly, and was comfortable, and safe for my little man! This is the harness you need for a tiny dog, and I'll get more, for color coordinated outfits for the little one! It's the ONLY harness that he REALLY can just step into, fastens easily and securely, and doesn't pull on his neck! It fits him more around his chest and shoulders than neck, and has plenty of velcro for fastening, so we can put his sweater on, and harness over the sweater, and there's still more than enough room for securing the harness. He doesn't shake every 5 minutes either when he wears it, and I think that's due to his comfort level, as he'd shake over and over in the other things I've tried. This is what I've been looking for!!!

Our Favorite Harness for the Corgis
Posted On 11/27/16 by J from , AR    Yes, J recommends this product!
We now have this harness in four colors. The sizing is consistent from one color to the next. It is easy to get on and off and appears to be comfortable for them when they are active and when they are resting. These harnesses wash well and air dry fairly quickly.

Love this harness!!!
Posted On 11/02/16 by Merri S from Manalapan, NJ    Yes, Merri S recommends this product!
I've purchased this before and have been pleased with the quality and durability of the harness. I machine wash it and let it air dry and it comes out fresh and clean, looking brand new. I would definitely recommend this harness!

Mesh Dog Harness Review
Posted On 10/31/16 by Cynthia Y from Bennington, NE    Yes, Cynthia Y recommends this product!
Great for dogs with fragile necks. There is no stress on their throats whatsoever. This harness fits comfortably around their front legs too. I highly recommend the American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness.

America River harness
Posted On 10/23/16 by Gloria G from Birmingham , AL    Yes, Gloria G recommends this product!
I have tried other harnesses. But this is the best one so far. It is easy to put on. Good quality! My Maltipoo doesn't fight me when I put it on him. And it looks good on.

Nice harness
Posted On 10/10/16 by Valeria A from ,    Yes, Valeria A recommends this product!
We bought this to replace the one our bulldog chewed and broke. The black color makes her look like she's wearing bullet proof vest. The leash hooks on easily, but she's still comfortable and safe. There's also enough give on the velcro closure to account for any weight gain or loss, so you don't need to buy a replacement just for a few extra pounds.

Black Choke-Free Harness
Posted On 10/09/16 by Susan G from West Lawn, PA    Yes, Susan G recommends this product!
We like these harnesses in all colors due to their great fit, washability, and appearance.

Posted On 09/10/16 by Christy P from ,    Yes, Christy P recommends this product!
We love this harness! So easy to put on and great fit! Even my little boy can put it on. Thank you

Choke free harness
Posted On 07/31/16 by Karen Scott from Tinley Park, IL    Yes, Karen Scott recommends this product!
This is the forth harness I have bought for my puppy, it's the only one he has not been able to chew his way out of! I love the way it goes on and off - best harness ever

Very safe!
Posted On 03/08/16 by Katie L from , RI    Yes, Katie L recommends this product!
I would recommend this product for anyone with a squirmy dog! Very safe harness!

Excellent Harness
Posted On 03/07/16 by Karen W from Cedar Lake, IN    Yes, Karen W recommends this product!
I have bought several of these harnesses. They fit great. I feel that my baby is very safe wearing this harness. It is cut high for a male pup, so he can go potty without wetting the harness.

Mesh Dog Harness
Posted On 03/03/16 by Jackie B from Newnan, GA    Yes, Jackie B recommends this product!
Thank you for such a great product! I can't wait to try them out when I bring my Morkies home.

Posted On 02/25/16 by Christy P from ,    Yes, Christy P recommends this product!
Love it! So easy to put on my little pup

Best harness
Posted On 02/05/16 by susan s from Miami, FL    Yes, susan s recommends this product!
We've tried them all and this is the best. It's very lightweight and easy to put on.

Posted On 01/24/16 by Nancy T from DAYTON, OH    Yes, Nancy T recommends this product!
This is a great product , well made with a secure fit. This non-choking harness is essential for my dog who has a sensitive throat. It fits nicely over her fleece jacket as we take our winter walk!

Great Product
Posted On 12/01/15 by David R from New York, NY    Yes, David R recommends this product!
Great Product, the only thing I wish it had a little more stretch so that when my dog has on a thick sweater its not so tight.

Other than that great!

Fits Perfect
Posted On 11/13/15 by Madeline B from Dacula, GA    Yes, Madeline B recommends this product!
I bought several harnesses in retail stores and had to return them all. Either they were too small or too large. This one fits like it was made to order and the clasp is so much easier to work than all those I've tried.

Love these harness's...
Posted On 11/13/15 by Joyce J from Tampa, FL    Yes, Joyce J recommends this product!
My Missy the Shih-Tzu has three of these. They are the best and easiest harness to put on. No trying to figure out which way it goes on, the dog just steps in it. We just got the black one for a friend of Missy's, and Capone the Bichon just love's it, and so does his mommy. I hope they never stop carrying these. I got the medium for both of them, so you can judge what size you need.

great product
Posted On 10/25/15 by Alesia S from , MD    Yes, Alesia S recommends this product!
I love these harnesses not only do they protect my little one's treacherous, but they are so easy to put on and take off. I have several in different colors. I just bought three new ones. I hope they never stop making them.

Posted On 10/11/15 by KARYLE H from Southside, AL    Yes, KARYLE H recommends this product!
I looked everywhere for an XXS harness most only sold small, Thankfully I found this site. Fits my Maltese perfectly.

Love it!
Posted On 10/10/15 by NL from ,    Yes, NL recommends this product!
Cheap and prevents me from choking my pup when walking him. Also very comfortable!

Nice harness
Posted On 09/04/15 by Soledad A from Stratford, CT    Yes, Soledad A recommends this product!
Nice harness. It is perfect!

Love the American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness
Posted On 04/02/15 by JOANNE K from , PA    Yes, JOANNE K recommends this product!
I love this harness for my little Lia. Lia is a Yorkie and it fits her really nicely and the snug hug feeling gives her a secure feeling also. It is soft and I've thrown it in a garment bag and washed it.

This is the second one I've bought since I have two dogs!

American River Ultra Choke Free Mesh Dog Harness
Posted On 03/15/15 by Lisa D from Beckley, WV    Yes, Lisa D recommends this product!
Its gonna be a great problem solver with our Mercury. When we take her out she always tries to pull out of her collar and get away but with this harness it solves the problem since she can't get out of it!! Its gonna be alot less stress taking her out places!! Thanks BaxterBoo!! I always find what I need with you guys!!

American River choke-free Harness
Posted On 01/23/15 by valerie t from Mesquite, NV    Yes, valerie t recommends this product!
We love these (2 of them) and so do our dogs. The reflectors on the harness make me happy because they are safer, and the dogs like them too. It is easy for them to step into, which is really handy!

Great harness
Posted On 12/11/14 by Kathleen R from Floral Park, NY    Yes, Kathleen R recommends this product!
Easy on and off.

American River Ultra Choke Free mesh Harness
Posted On 11/15/14 by nancy d from Fleetwood, NY    Yes, nancy d recommends this product!
The harness is perfect for my 8 pound Yorkie. Amy is very active and the harness holds her securely. I have purchased several and plan to buy more. I highly recommend this product.

Life is much better for us both.
Posted On 10/21/14 by Karen D from Trotwood, OH    Yes, Karen D recommends this product!
Since ordering this harness, walks with my little boy are wonderful. Don't have to worry about him getting choke. Love the harness so much, I brought a second one a size larger so that it can be worn over his winter coat.

Great harness for toy dogs
Posted On 10/21/14 by LT from Boston, MA    Yes, LT recommends this product!
This is the best fitting harness I have found for my 11 year old 5lb toy poodle. This harness doesn't rub on his chest and cause mats like nylon harnesses do, and it's easy to put on and take off. He seems to like it too.

perfect for my Colby
Posted On 10/08/14 by susan c from surry, ME    Yes, susan c recommends this product!
i use the harness to secure my toy poodle in his car is perfect for this purpose...easy to get on and off and and sturdy to hold him in.i had bought one a while ago and just bought 3 more at sale pricing.

Happy pup
Posted On 10/07/14 by Elizabeth K from Eckert, CO    Yes, Elizabeth K recommends this product!
This harness is very easy to use and really does not choke.

American River Ultra Choke- Free Mesh Dog Harness
Posted On 11/07/13 by Donna L from Greenfield, WI    Yes, Donna L recommends this product!
I love this harness. It works great and is made very well.

Robyn's Testimonal (Via Email)

Bandit loves his sweater. He is an older dog, so he gets chilled easy. The cozy warm sweater is easy to put on, which I like.

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