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American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness by Doggie Design - Light Blue

IB# 58591

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Product Information
The American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness in Light Blue is the best way to protect your dog and look stylish too!
  • Double safety closure
  • Reflective strips for night walking
  • Fashionable embroidered logo
  • Patented design
  • Made of 100% polyester mesh
  • Machine washable
Why We Love It:
The American River Choke-Free Mesh Dog harness in Light Blue is a great choice for Easter, Mother's Day, hanging around the pool, or any time of year. But this fashionable harness isn't just for looks.
The American River Choke-Free dog harnesses by Doggie Design are simply head and shoulders above the rest for quality and safety. Why?
Trachea safe - The Choke-Free patented design pulls only from the chest, never the neck. Many smaller breeds are susceptible to having a collapsed trachea, especially when using a collar. Even regular harnesses can be dangerous for toy and teacup breeds. Don't put your pup's airway at risk with anything but a choke-free harness!
Patented Conforming Shape Fit Seam Technology - This unique feature allows the harness to conform to curves even on hard-to-fit dog chests.
Patented Closure Slide Adjustability - Most harnesses have little or no size adjustment at the clasp. This unique design allows the clasp to slide along the nylon webbing for a full 3 inches of adjustment.
Double D-ring - Most harnesses have only a single D-ring. Furthermore, some companies use D-rings that aren't welded shut. The remaining slit in the metal of sub-par D-rings may open under pressure and the nylon could slip out, leaving your dog at risk for escape. Since the American River Choke Free Harness features two welded D-rings in its design, you're getting double the protection.
Reflective strips - All of the colors of American River Choke-Free Dog Harnesses feature reflective strips that can be viewed from the front and the sides to provide visibility during nighttime or early-morning walks.
Zig zag trim binding stitch - Using a zig-zag stitch over the harness trim ensures there will be no missed stitches. This means the trim and the mesh fabric are fully bonded to each other.
Safety – The choke-free design makes this harness an ideal choice for use as a car seat belt harness since it pulls from the chest, not the neck. 
Double safety closure- Wide touch fastener and high-strength plastic buckle clip ensure your dog won't be able to get out of the harness. When paired with a leash through the double D-rings, the harness has three levels of closure strength!
Easy to apply - The step-in design makes putting on this harness a breeze. Once your pup has stepped into the harness leg holes, wrap the harness up and around your pup, angle the touch fastener for the best fit, click the clip, and go! 
Easy-care fabric- Soft mesh polyester is machine washable. Line dry.
Sized to fit most dogs - This harness is available in sizes from XXS through XXXL (to fit dogs from 3-90 pounds!)



Weight (pounds)




























IB# 58591
Sizing Guide

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

  • Chest: 9"-11" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 2lbs.-4lbs.
  • Chest: 11"-13" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 4lbs.-6lbs.
  • Chest: 13"-16" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 6lbs.-11lbs.
  • Chest: 16"-19" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 11lbs.-16lbs.
  • Chest: 19"-21" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 16lbs.-25lbs.
  • Chest: 21"-24" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 25lbs.-40lbs.
  • Chest: 24"-27" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 40lbs.-50lbs.
  • Chest: 30"-33" (Most Important)
  • Pets Weighing: 60lbs.-90lbs.
How to Measure Your Dog's Feet for Dog Clothes
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American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness by Doggie Design - Light Blue Customer Photos - Send us your photo!



in Sicklerville NJ

Toffee is our new Pomeranian puppy that already loves the outdoors so we needed to get him a harness that he can use while on walks, hiking, car rides and more. It looks a little big on him now but the adjustable straps make it usable now with plenty of room to grow into it with his ADORABLE PERSONALITY.

By Linda on May 22, 2019

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in Brick Nj

Bella wearing her new harness for her first trip to the dog beach

By Becky on Oct 14, 2014

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in Brick New Jersey

Bella wearing her new harness for her first trip to the dog beach

By Becky on Oct 14, 2014

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in Irwin PA - Pennsylvania

Rudy on his way to Aunt Carol's in his new blue harness! We were actually stopped so don't worry, he was safe :)

By Julie on Jul 23, 2014

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Customer Reviews

(29 Reviews)
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Perfect harness for growing dogs
Posted On 01/24/20 by Linda M from Sicklerville, NJ    Yes, Linda M recommends this product!
This harness has an adjustable strap and allowed us to use it for my puppy and through the age of 1. Easy to put on and does not choke my dog when a leash is attached. Great item.

Adjustable straps are great!
Posted On 05/22/19 by Linda M from Sicklerville, NJ    Yes, Linda M recommends this product!
Purchased this American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Dog Harness by Doggie Design for our new puppy who is just over two pounds but growing. Easy to put on and secure with velcro followed by adjustable straps that clip together. Double D-ring is perfect for a puppy that wiggles and pulls against his leash as he is learning to take walks. Great harness that he will grow into.

American River Ultra Choke Free Mesh Dog Harness by Doggie Design
Posted On 10/30/17 by RHODA N from RIVER RIDGE, LA    Yes, RHODA N recommends this product!
This harness fits my 9 month old Havanese puppy, Teddy perfectly. I also have one for my older Havanese girl, Jenna and it also fits her perfectly. I would recommend this harness to anyone! I got it for a great price and my order came very quickly!

American River Ultra Choke Free Mesh Dog Harness by Doggie Design
Posted On 10/25/17 by RHODA N from RIVER RIDGE, LA    Yes, RHODA N recommends this product!
I just purchased this harness for my 9 month old Havanese puppy and it fits him perfectly.

Posted On 08/23/17 by Billie Jones from Hemphill, TX    Yes, Billie Jones recommends this product!
The product is of high quality and fits perfect.

Non choke
Posted On 05/29/17 by Debra B from Merritt Island , FL    Yes, Debra B recommends this product!
It is good for the non choke but they needed to readjust for the belly because not all dogs are the same size for neck and belly. Too bad because they are great everywhere else.

Love American River Harnesses
Posted On 04/09/17 by Heidi from , IN    Yes, Heidi recommends this product!
My pup has grown with the American River harnesses. We started with extra small and he is up to a large size now. I like the fact that these harnesses are no-choke, appear to be comfortable for our dog to wear, and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The quality is great and they hold up in the laundry nicely. I place the harness(es) in a lingere' bag prior to laundering, with the velcro pieces on the harness(es) put together, to avoid snagging on other parts of the harness during the wash/spin cycles. I use a cold wash, delicate setting to wash and then hang to dry. They come out just like new. It's best to place one harness per lingere' bag. I've washed two in one bag, but just be sure all velcro is covered on each harness, so they do not come out sticking together in the bag and snagging the fabric.

Great harness
Posted On 03/26/17 by yvette m from , TX    Yes, yvette m recommends this product!
I love the cut of the choke-free harness, my dog loves it too. He's a little yorkie that likes to go for walks now with this on. The quality of this product is great and durable.

American River Mesh Dog Harness
Posted On 03/12/17 by Pamela G from Rancho Murieta, CA    Yes, Pamela G recommends this product!
This harness is very nice, it's very easy to put on....We love it!

Feels secure and safe
Posted On 01/20/17 by Patti L H from Salem, OR    Yes, Patti L H recommends this product!
This harness fits my dog perfectly and I love the color. I use it when we ride in the car for safety and also when we go for walks. She is very excited when she sees me getting it out because she knows she gets to go too!

Dog harness
Posted On 01/19/17 by Joan P from Shreveport, LA    Yes, Joan P recommends this product!
Love the dog harnesses I ordered from you. They arrived within the time frame you stated. They are of very good quality and at prices that don't break the bank! Thank you!

Choke Free Mesh
Posted On 01/12/17 by Jeanette V from Aurora, CO    Yes, Jeanette V recommends this product!
It is a little large, but the way she is gaining weight it should be no time and she will be in it. I really love the quality for the money and look forward to taking her on my motorcycle wearing her new harness.

Camo choke-free harness
Posted On 12/20/16 by Susan G from West Lawn, PA    Yes, Susan G recommends this product!
This is a gift purchased for a growing puppy Cavachon. We want him to be as safe and secure in his harness as are our dogs who wear American River Harnesses regularly. He looks adorable in it and moves about with ease and the fit is great. We're sure he and his owner will find it as helpful when taking long walks and not having to worry about wriggling out of it when distractions or other dogs incite him.

Light Blue Harness
Posted On 12/20/16 by Susan G from West Lawn, PA    Yes, Susan G recommends this product!
So far these harnesses have proven to be escape-proof. I feel secure walking my dogs when they wear these as they have been able to wriggle out of all other types. The choke-free method of fitting is also a great feature. Needless to say, we are accumulating these in all available colors and look forward to new arrivals.

A great harness
Posted On 10/10/16 by Claire R from Little Egg Harbor, NJ    Yes, Claire R recommends this product!
I made a mistake when ordering this item, so I received it in record time, but it was too small. I sent it back the same day and ordered another one in a size larger. The harness looked to be a very high end one and I`m sure when I receive the one I just ordered I will love it, and so will my dog. I`m new to BaxterBoo, but I would like to say that I`ll be ordering from you guys from here on in, and so will my friends.

Really Pretty Blue
Posted On 03/21/16 by J from , AR    Yes, J recommends this product!
Fits as expected and is a lovely blue color. This one is worn by our girl corgi, while our boy corgi wears the cobalt. They are nice together.

nice harness
Posted On 03/08/16 by Diane from Las Vegas, NV    Yes, Diane recommends this product!
I purchased a light blue harness for my (rather large) yorkie, and it fit him well. Sturdy material. I also bought matching sandals for him for the summer because the ground gets SOOOO hot here. He actually liked the sandals and harness. He gets so excited when I take him for a walk.

Choke free mesh harness
Posted On 02/29/16 by nancy d from Fleetwood, NY    Yes, nancy d recommends this product!
Amy (my Yorkie mix) cannot wear a collar around her neck. The no choke halter is perfect for an energetic dog who sometimes pulls on her leash and can actually wiggle out of less sturdy harnesses. The harness fits snugly around her body without being too tight. I have ordered several in a variety of colors and have always been pleased.

Well Made, Looks Like It Will Last
Posted On 02/01/16 by Jordan B from Los Angeles, CA    Yes, Jordan B recommends this product!
I spent nearly double this on other harnesses w/ similar design. This looks like a winner and I think it'll last. Color looks great on my Blenheim Cavalier :-)

Excellent Quality but runs big
Posted On 11/19/15 by Darlene B from Caryville, TN    Yes, Darlene B recommends this product!
I purchased 2 of these for my yorkies. The quality is excellent. They run a little big so you can't go off the measurements.

My male is 4 lbs. and I ordered based on the measurements a small. It is too big for him, he needs an x-small.

The colors are true as you see them on Baxterboo's site.

Thanks for only selling the best.

super cute!!
Posted On 10/29/15 by Madison from , CA    Yes, Madison recommends this product!
I wish this fit my dog!! it was so cute loved the color it was just a little too big and the xs is to small so sad!!!

No Choke Harness
Posted On 09/29/15 by Connie S from Fo, TX    Yes, Connie S recommends this product!
This harness works great. So I got three of them

American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Harness-Light Blue
Posted On 07/25/15 by Mary W from Port Orchard, WA    Yes, Mary W recommends this product!
It is so cute and I thought it would fit my little Chihuahua, but it doesn't, I ordered the smallest that you showed, she needs an XXX-Small, if they make such a product.

Blue is for Boys, Too!
Posted On 07/15/15 by Priscilla W from Deerfield Beach, FL    Yes, Priscilla W recommends this product!
Had to buy this for my new little boy rescue. He has sisters that wear only pink. He is so cute I wanted people to know he was a boy, not a girl. Can't wait to pick him up at the shelter this weekend!

Posted On 04/22/15 by Ruth D from Mount Joy, PA    Yes, Ruth D recommends this product!
I like the idea that it is a step in. it is so easy to put on.

Mesh harness
Posted On 03/18/15 by George A from West Babylon, NY    Yes, George A recommends this product!
I liked this product but returned it due to it being too small for my 12lb shit-tzu . The measuring instructions on the website seemed to indicate that a small size in this model would be adequate and it turned out that we would need a medium size which was not available in this model. I since have ordered two other harness models in medium size.

American River Ultra Choke-Free Mesh Harness
Posted On 02/13/15 by Suzanne A from Parker, CO    Yes, Suzanne A recommends this product!
Love, love the two harnesses I purchased. I showed them to my neighbor and she is going to be ordering some for her dogs.

I have purchased ipuppy vests before, but this quality is much better.

I run Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue and would love to purchase one for each dog that goes to their new home. If I purchased around 10, would there be a discount?

Posted On 12/24/14 by Michelle P from , SC    Yes, Michelle P recommends this product!
Well made & nice color. Good transaction

Great item
Posted On 10/08/14 by rebecca m from Brick, NJ    Yes, rebecca m recommends this product!
Love these harnesses third one I have bought. Great control of dog without pulling on dogs neck. Also looks super good

Patricia's Testimonal (Via Email)

It was easy and fast to make a purchase on I had no trouble finding what I needed, and checking out was quick and easy.Overall, the experience has been good so far. I can't wait for my order to arrive!

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