KONG Dog Wubbas

IB# 1173
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Dogs and puppies of all sizes love the flappy, bouncy fetch fun of KONG Wubbas!
  • Dual balls covered in ballistic nylon
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Perfect for tug and fetch
  • Not intended as a chew toy
  • All models feature a squeaker except Mega size
Just one try with our KONG Wubbas, and you'll see why this is such a popular toy for humans and canines alike! 
For starters, it's extremely durable with reinforced-stitched ballistic nylon fabric that covers a squeaker tennis ball on top and a tough rubber ball below. Long, floppy tails make the toy easy to fling, grab, and throw. Dogs love shaking the tails back and forth.
The KONG Wubbas have been designed as an interactive tug and fetch toy to strengthen the bond with your pet. Wubbas are not intended to be used for chew sessions. 
Puppy measures 8"L .Top ball is 1 1/4" in diameter, the bottom ball is 1 1/2".
Small measures 8"L. Top ball is 1 1/4"in diameter, the bottom ball is 1 1/2".
Large measures 13"L . Top ball is 3" in diameter, the bottom ball is 2 1/2".
X-Large measures 17"L .Top ball is 3 3/4"in diameter, the bottom ball is 2 1/2".
Mega measures over 2 feet in length! Does not feature a squeaker.
IB# 1173
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in Larchmont NY

in need of constant attention and love!

By Jenna on Aug 7, 2017

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in Chula Vista California

Sweet dreams with my favorite toy!

By Mayra on Nov 16, 2015

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in Chula Vista California

I love my new toy!!

By Naira on Nov 5, 2015

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in Dayton Ohio

I love my Wubbas. I can play by myself or with my doggy brother Milo. We both like them a lot. Thanks BaxterBoo for selling the best toys.

By Angie on Apr 14, 2015

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in Champaign IL

Taco's favorite toy for training is this little purple Wubba. I keep it in my back pocket and when he is heeling nicely or completes a really great recall or finish, I whip it out and throw it!

By Jenna on Mar 6, 2015

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in indianapolis Indiana

The Kong Wubba is a long standing favorite for Jasmine!

By Kate on Nov 11, 2013

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in Toms River New Jersey

Chino is an active 2 year old chow chow who just loves playing with his toys. He has found many new favorites at Baxter Boo. In the photo he has just come inside with his Kong Wubba from a long morning of play and is ready to take his nap with Wubba. So far, this toy has proven to be indestructible and he loves shaking it all over when he runs crazy in his backyard. Thanks Baxter Boo for you large selection of toys. Chino looks forward to his visits with the UPS man who brings Baxter Boo toys to his home.

By Cathy on Jun 26, 2013

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in Inglewood Ca

Lets play Wubba.

By Latasha on Jun 21, 2013

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in Inglewood Ca

I love my wubba !!!!

By Latasha on Jun 21, 2013

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in Okemos Michigan

Henry is a happy, healthy, 90lb deaf Harlequin Great Dane puppy who always looks a bit worried; he LOVES his Wubba!

By Jessica on Mar 16, 2013

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in howell nj

Chance loves the Kong Wubbas! This is his second one! Definitely one of his favorite toys!

By Kerri on Oct 29, 2012

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in Phoenix Arizona

Vote for Blue!!! He LOVES his Wubba!!!

By Elizabeth on May 21, 2012

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in San Rafael CA

Cooper LOVES his Wubba toy. It's virtually indestructible, and I say this after he's destroyed every other toy we tried. It's his favorite toss toy!

By Becca on Jun 11, 2010

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Customer Reviews

(31 Reviews)
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Mollie's Favorite
Posted On 07/17/18 by Katie W from Wichita Falls, TX    Yes, Katie W recommends this product!
My Molie had this toy for many years, its squeaker never died and held up to a heavy chewer. The canvas was easy to wash off when she would leave it outside. I am now ordering one for my new pup Lucy.

#1 TOY
Posted On 07/31/17 by Kelly C from Waikoloa, HI    Yes, Kelly C recommends this product!
This is our dogs FAVORITE toy. He has 6 of them. He goes through toys very easily, but these are very well made.

Own 2 of this style wubba
Posted On 01/22/17 by Jen from , PA    Yes, Jen recommends this product!
I have 2 of this style wubba - one for upstairs and one for downstairs, because my dog loves to play with this toy so much. My dog picks it up and brings it to me all the time, especially after he is excited returning from a walk. This is a well-made, fun toy!

Multi Talented Toy
Posted On 11/12/16 by Bonnie B from Knoxville, TN    Yes, Bonnie B recommends this product!
It squeaks 2 different squeaks. Plus, it has strong canvas tails to pull or as some poochies like to do shake! A great strong multi purpose poochie toy.

Posted On 09/06/16 by Kelly V from Canada,    Yes, Kelly V recommends this product!
Super cute tiny version!

Kong Wubba
Posted On 07/25/16 by Kelly B from Bethesda, MD    Yes, Kelly B recommends this product!
Great, long lasting toy that they play with by themselves and also tug. Holding up to my 3 pitties.

Love Wubbas
Posted On 06/10/16 by Liz from ,    Yes, Liz recommends this product!
Wubbas are such fun toys and are durable for big dogs like Labs!

Kong Dog Wubbas
Posted On 05/22/16 by Linda S from , NY    Yes, Linda S recommends this product!
I have bought Kong products for years. They are always of superior quality, this toy is no exception. My teething puppy chews it constantly and there is the bonus that it is also a squeaky toy. Holding up well, still looks new.

Kong Dog Toys
Posted On 05/01/16 by Sue B from Lansdale, PA    Yes, Sue B recommends this product!
You can't go wrong with Kong. I ordered the purple Wubba for my little dogs with very sharp teeth. They love to squeak the Wubba and have tug of wars.

wonderful toy
Posted On 03/29/16 by Lora A from Lexington, KY    Yes, Lora A recommends this product!
This is perfect for fetch or tug of war

Great Toy!
Posted On 12/26/15 by Melissa from , WV    Yes, Melissa recommends this product!
My dogs love the kong wubbas and they typically last at least 6 months before I need/want to replace them.

Love it!
Posted On 12/09/15 by Tammy S from Mechanicville, NY    Yes, Tammy S recommends this product!
Bought this for a friends GSD service dog. Valkyrie is in love with it! She sleep's with it and run's wild with it! You can never go wrong with a Kong!

RE: Tootie's new Favorite toy
Posted On 10/17/15 by Bonnie B from Knoxville, TN    Yes, Bonnie B recommends this product!
There are 2 little head squeakers for the small mouth of my Pomahuahua, Tootie. Plus the fabric is really durable and difficult to tear and the legs give her a choice of which to grab when we play tug of war. This is the best toy I have ever gotten for my small poochie who loves to chew.

Posted On 10/03/15 by Karla H from Huntsville, AL    Yes, Karla H recommends this product!
My dog had this torn apart in seconds. She absolutely loves her squeaky ball though. I would recommend for a less destructive dog.

Kong Wubba
Posted On 09/09/15 by Baxter's Mum from Perth,    Yes, Baxter's Mum recommends this product!
Our lab loves these toys. Tough and still squeaky our lab loves it.

Best toy ever
Posted On 07/06/15 by Lora A from Lexington, KY    Yes, Lora A recommends this product!
Winston loves his new Wubba. It is never out of his sight. In fact he slept with it last night.

Posted On 06/23/15 by Lisa L from , NH    Yes, Lisa L recommends this product!
These last longer than most toys my wolfhound enjoys it for a while.

Great toy
Posted On 05/25/15 by Stacy G from Arlington, TX    Yes, Stacy G recommends this product!
My dogs love these things and I use them for rewards in training. They do as asked and I toss this out and they bring it back. It's great and durable too!

Posted On 05/15/15 by julie b from ,    Yes, julie b recommends this product!
Best toy ever! It is my German Shepherd's favorite tug and pool toy! We always have to have one red wubba at our house!

Helen has a new favorite!
Posted On 05/08/15 by Joy U from LAKE CHARLES, LA    Yes, Joy U recommends this product!
Helen has had this old Halloween candy corn looking bat that has been her favorite toy of all she has. Well, the day this showed up she played with it for a long time. I still see her going for her old one, but if she can't find it. Then this is what she goes for second. It's a good thing too, because I don't think the bat may last that much longer. it's such a cute toy, and very durable.

More rugged than I expected - and that's a good thing!
Posted On 04/17/15 by Karen R from West Peterborough, NH    Yes, Karen R recommends this product!
I bought this thinking it would be cheaply made but it surely isn't! It certainly stand up to the KONG brand name and is very rugged for my dog's chewing happiness. She likes to chew the little "streamers" that hang down and she loves to have it tossed up and catch it. Keeps her busy for hours on end.

They loved it.
Posted On 04/16/15 by Shelby B from Chesapeake, VA    Yes, Shelby B recommends this product!
My dogs loved this toy. I'll have to get the mega big one next time. The giant one was really good for them though, they loved it until i died. (which lasted a little longer then most toys.)

Great Quality
Posted On 03/30/15 by Lana W from , CA    Yes, Lana W recommends this product!
I ordered the small Wubba. It's just the right size for my 20 lb dachshund mix. This is made of very thick durable fabric. It's great for tug of war. A dog can really sink their teeth in it. I'm very happy with this product. And as always, I love BaxterBoo.

Wubba Wubba
Posted On 02/19/15 by Gina E from , ME    Yes, Gina E recommends this product!
always a favorite in this house of Dock Diving Dogs :-)

My dogs LOVE these
Posted On 01/23/15 by Janine from Pittsburgh, PA    Yes, Janine recommends this product!
My dogs love toys with fabric parts that stick out that they can be chewed on (like noses, ears, tails). The "fingers" of fabric do just that, but the material is tough enough that they cannot destroy it easily. I had to order more so each of the 3 dogs could have their own this was so popular.

kong wubba
Posted On 10/31/14 by michelle a from marlboro, NY    Yes, michelle a recommends this product!
I purchased an xtra large size wubba for my St. Bernard puppy & he loves it. It is made from super sturdy material that my St. Bernard loves to play tug of war with. It stands up to his razor sharp large teeth!!

Tough Toy!
Posted On 11/09/13 by Nina Y from Houston, TX    Yes, Nina Y recommends this product!
I have a 75lb 4 year old male pitbull who is an expert destroyer! This is one of the very few toys I have found that can hold up to more than 5 minutes of play. It is very well made and holds up to rough play like tug and vigorous shaking. And my dog loves it! He'd play with his Wubba until he passed out if I didn't take it up. I definitely recommend Kong Wubbas for anyone who has a bigger dog that easily destroys most toys.

My dogs love these!
Posted On 11/08/13 by JP from ,    Yes, JP recommends this product!
Great product with a sturdy covering. My dogs love these squeak toys. I buy a size larger than needed and the squeak lasts longer.

very strong
Posted On 11/07/13 by Roberta C from Myrtle beach, SC    Yes, Roberta C recommends this product!
Thsi is great and very strong ,the squeaker is enclosed ,and material used is very strong and the puppy teeth havent hurt it after 3 months.

what more can i say? Its a kong
Posted On 11/07/13 by coleen o from , MI    Yes, coleen o recommends this product!
great toy for dogs that are heavy chewers...will last a long time

We love Wubbas!!!
Posted On 11/07/13 by Shelly L. from Farmersville, IL    Yes, Shelly L. recommends this product!
We have two Wubbas and it is just not enough. We could use one in ever room and a couple outside!! This is Lucy's favorite toy! It is squeaky, it is chewy and you can fetch it!! What more could you ask for?

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Cute site - lots of stuff.

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