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PetDreamHouse PAW Slow Feeder Pet Bowl - Orange

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IB# 97527
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PetDreamHouse PAW Slow Feeder Pet Bowl - Orange


One Size Temporarily Sold Out

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Your pup will love this PetDreamHouse PAW Slow Feeder Pet Bowl in Orange!

  • BPA and PVC free
  • Slows eating and reduces the risk of bloat and eases digestion
  • Dishwasher top shelf friendly
  • Human standard food-grade materials

Why We Love It:

The PAW Slow Feeder is a fun and unique paw-shaped feeding dish, which separates food into multiple mini compartments to slow down your pet’s speed of eating and reduce the risk of bloat. Food can be separated into each section by food type or simply add food throughout different compartments. Each PAW Slow Feeder bowl is designed with two standard bowl areas, two slow feeding bowl areas, and a center area that separate into multiple mini bowls. With four sturdy anti-skid rings adhered to the bottom of the plate, the PAW Slow Feeder stays securely in place during meals.  Dishwasher safe - top shelf.

IB# 97527

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

One Size
  • Capacity: 1.5cup
  • Height: 1.5"
  • Length: 14"
  • Width: 12"
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