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Tickless Tags Active Human Tick Repellent - Coral

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IB# 111482
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Tickless Tags Active Human Tick Repellent - Coral


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Stay active in the outdoors, worry free of ticks with the Tickless Tags Active Human Chemical-Free Tick Repellent in Coral!

  • Ultrasonic tick repellant
  • 100% chemical Free
  • Rechargeable
  • Ultra-light
  • For all ages

Why We Love It:

The Tickless Tags Active Human Tick Repellent keeps ticks away during outdoor activities. This rechargeable tag is ultralight and chemical free so it is safe for everybody. It has a nightlight function helps you be more visible at night. The TICKLESS® technology underwent rigorous testing and was proven effective by a clinical study at the School of Veterinary Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Laboratory at the University of Camerino, Italy.

How To Use:

Before using the device for the first time, charge it until the LED light turns green. It also activates the device. You can attach the device to your shoelaces or bag. Insert the silicone band into the side tab of the device. Put the band and the device on the lace or the strap of the bag and pull the band under it. Insert the silicone band into the other side tab. When fixed well, TICKLESS® stays securely on. Do not obstruct the ultrasonic waves by covering the grid part with your clothes! You can verify its operation at any time by pressing the button. If the led blinks green, then the charge is still sufficient, if it blinks red, then it is still active, but needs to be recharged soon. You can switch the device off by quickly pressing the button 3 times and turn it back on by pressing it for 3 seconds.

IB# 111482
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