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September 16, 2016

8 Tips to Help Keep Your Cat Looking Beautiful

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Whether you have a purebred Persian kitty or simply a domestic shorthair cat, it’s important to have her looking her best. If you want your kitty to look beautiful and fresh each day, you have to spend a little time grooming her and keeping her clean. Not only will your grooming routine help her look great, it can ensure that she’s healthy and strong as well. The time you spend with your cat making her look her best can also help you bond together even more. Here are eight key tips to follow if you want your cat to look beautiful throughout all of the stages of her life.


1. Start With Her Diet


The healthiest kittens are often the ones who look their best, so it’s important to start with your cat’s diet. You must choose a quality food for her that contains several key ingredients to ensure that her eyes are bright and clear and her fur is shiny and fluffy. A good cat food will primarily be made with some sort of quality protein, like chicken, turkey, salmon or another fish. Another key ingredient to check for is taurine, which can keep your cat from developing retinal issues. A cat food that has a source of fat is also an essential piece of her diet. Avoid cat food that is made with filler carbohydrates, as cats don’t typically need this type of ingredient in their diet.


2. Bathe Her Regularly


The next thing to do to keep your cat gorgeous is to give her regular baths. While most cats are meticulous about keeping up with their own grooming routine, you can help her out every once in a while. It’s important to start her bath routine when she’s young to make it easier for both of you. Be sure to use warm water and a suitable cat shampoo to get her lathered and rinsed. Then, gently dry her off with a towel or blow dryer on a low setting.


3. Give Her Grooming Sessions


Another way you can help keep your cat’s coat looking shiny and matte free is with regular brushing. If your cat has short hair, you can do this every couple of weeks, while long haired cats may need more frequent grooming sessions. Most cats will look forward to your time together while you brush her fur and tail. Use a strong slicker brush to get rid of any snags in her coat and prevent extra shedding from loose hairs. You can help your cat feel comfortable and relaxed by talking to her sweetly while you brush her.  


4. Keep Her Nails Trimmed


It’s also important to keep your cat’s nails properly trimmed. If you neglect her nails, she may start to develop the bad habit of scratching on your furniture or walls. Long nails also make it likely that she could accidentally scratch members of your family. Additionally, if her nails get so long that they curve over, that could cause her some discomfort. Try using a simple cat nail trimmer, and begin a nail cutting routine when she’s young so that she stays calm during the process. Be careful about cutting her nails too short and nicking the vein.  


5. Don’t Neglect Her Teeth


Your feline’s pearly whites are also an essential part of her well being. It’s important to start off your new kitten’s life on the right track by paying attention to the health of her teeth and gums. You can take on the task of brushing her teeth periodically so that food or other debris doesn’t get trapped in between her teeth and gums. A pet toothpaste kit is a great place to start with your cat’s dental hygiene. Then, you can avoid costly vet bills for decaying teeth and gum infections.


6. Give Her Plenty of Exercise


Next, you want to make sure your kitty has the opportunity for plenty of exercise. You can keep her muscles healthy and supple with a dedicated time for interactive play each day. Try interesting toys like laser pointers, cat fishing string or musical balls to get her excited to run around. Her physical condition will continue to thrive with your commitment to keeping her active throughout her years. Additionally, you may be able to eliminate those late nights or early mornings where she’s running around and waking everyone up. Instead, she could be sleeping peacefully because of all of her daytime activity.


7. Supplement With Vitamins


Your cat’s coat, eyes and nails can also benefit from additional vitamin supplements. A supplement may be a great way to get those extra nutrients. It’s important to follow your vet’s recommendations with supplements and to not offer additional vitamins if your cat’s food is sufficient. Some elderly cats may need additional support for their joint health or other geriatric issues. If your cat’s vet has indicated any type of vitamin deficiency, such as iron or other essentials, her coat may appear less full or her eyes may look dull. The proper combination of diet and a vet supported supplement may give her that gorgeous look back again.


8. Try Some Fun Fashions


The last tip to help bring out your cat’s beauty is to accessorize with fun wearables that complement her color. Start with a cute collar that brings out the green of her eyes and makes her beautiful coat look even more plush. Another option that could work for your cat is a fun outfit. A cute sweater during the holidays may give you the perfect opportunity for a themed picture. If your cat is a princess, outfit her in a graceful tutu for special occasions. Try a clever Halloween costumes to give her a spooky style. Be sure that your cat is comfortable in her outfit, and that there are no harmful pieces to injure her.


If you’re looking for ways to help make your kitten look beautiful throughout her life, follow these tips. That way, your stunning cat can make heads turn from admiration when she’s a kitten, when she’s an adult and even when she ages with her gorgeous look.



Hollis on September 16 at 6:13 PM said:

Nothing better than keeping your best animal friend happy; after all they keep being your best friend no matter what. I treasure my little animal friends.

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