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Native Pet Pumpkin Powder Dog Food Topper

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IB# 121420
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Native Pet Pumpkin Powder Dog Food Topper
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Top off you dogs day and digestion with the yummy Native Pet Pumpkin Powder Dog Food Topper!

  • Gentle relief for digestion, absorption, bowel health, and normal stool
  • Limited ingredients
  • No soy, dairy, gluten
  • USDA Organic
  • Made in the USA

Why We Love It:

The Native Pet Pumpkin Powder Dog Food Topper adds flavor and digestive relief in the form of organic powder. This topper supports a healthy digestive system by providing bowel movement regularity and assisting absorption of essential nutrients. This shelf-stable powdered pumpkin that’s simply mixed with water and ready to go addresses acute diarrhea. relieves constipation, and helps to prevent scooting. Made with no soy, gluten, dairy or fillers only 3 organic ingredients made in the USA!

IB# 121420


Organic pumpkin, organic pumpkin seed, organic apple


Sprinkle over food or mix with water for puree. 

1 - 25 lbs Mix 1 Tbsp with 1 Tbsp water
25 - 50 lbs Mix 2 Tbsp with 2 Tbsp water
51 - 75 lbs Mix 3 Tbsp with 3 Tbsp water
76 + lbs Mix 4 Tbsp with 4 Tbsp water

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