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Pawz Away Extra Receiver Pet Barrier Collar

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IB# 66531
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Pawz Away Extra Receiver Pet Barrier Collar


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Keep all your pets on the right path with a Pawz Away Extra Receiver Pet Barrier Collar by Petsafe!

  • Addition for extra pets
  • Lightweight, waterproof receiver collar
  • Works indoors or out with Pawz Away system
  • Great for cats and dogs

Why We Love It:

This lightweight, waterproof receiver collar works with all Pawz Away Pet Barriers. Add an unlimited number of dogs or cats to any Pawz Away system with this collar. When placed in an area you want your pet to avoid, the barrier keeps pets away from areas that you declare off-limits. This collar works for dogs and cats, but will be more comfortable for cats with the optional cat collar strap. The cat collar strap has an elastic section designed to let cats escape if the collar gets caught on a branch, fence, or ledge. Simply remove the receiver unit from the receiver collar and place it on the new collar strap. The strap will work for cats with necks up to 11½ inches.

IB# 66531
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