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August 12, 2017

13 Dog Breeds That Require the Least Amount of Exercise

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When most people think of dogs, they think of jolly, bouncing bundles of fur. There are numerous breeds of dogs out there, and many of them do require a good amount of exercise. They need a big backyard to run around in all day so that they can expend all that pent-up energy.


However, there are other breeds that are on the opposite end of the spectrum. If you do not have the time or energy to play with your pooch for several hours a day, then there are certain breeds perfect for your lifestyle. Additionally, it may be good to get a low-energy dog if you live in an apartment without a backyard. Here are some dog breeds that prefer napping over running. Keep in mind that no matter how lazy a dog may seem, all canines require at least a little bit of exercise to stay fit and healthy.


1. English Bulldog


English Bulldogs are prone to sleeping on couches. It is best to keep these pups inside because they can overheat easily if they are out in the sun for too long. English Bulldogs are great to get if you also do not want to worry about grooming often. They have a short-haired coat, so you only have to brush them once in a while.


2. Chow Chow


The standard personality for a Chow Chow is more along the lines of a cat than a dog. They tend to be fairly aloof, but their independent nature means it will not mind when you leave for work in the morning. They can get over 70 pounds in weight, but they make great cuddle companions.


3. Basset Hound


Basset Hounds were originally bred to hunt for prey in the wild. They still have those primal instincts to sniff everything in sight, so you do need to grab the leash once a day to take them out for walks. However, once they go outside for a bit, they will become all tuckered out. This breed is very good at understanding when it is time to be calm and quiet.


4. Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers make for great apartment dogs. Their weight usually maxes out at 25 pounds, so even if you are confined to a studio apartment, this pooch will not mind. Boston Terriers are fairly inactive. One walk a day is all you need to ensure these dogs get a good workout.


5. Tibetan Spaniel


A Tibetan Spaniel will be most happy when it is laying down on your lap, enjoying a nice, cool breeze from the air conditioner. This breed does tend to have a more curious nature, so when you do take it out for a walk, it will most likely want to sniff everything in sight.


6. Shih Tzu


Although Shih Tzus will be accepted in most apartment complexes, they do require a fair amount of grooming. They shed a lot, so get ready to clean up after them all the time. Shih Tzus tend to not be particularly fond of going outside. Many times, they will get plenty of exercise simply walking around the apartment all day.


7. Bull Mastiff


While most dogs on this list tend to be incredibly small, the Bull Mastiff is a true giant. It is common for this breed to weigh over 100 pounds when it is fully grown. However, its big size does not mean it requires a lot of exercise. Bull Mastiffs are typically pretty lazy, and they will often sleep for hours on end. Bull Mastiffs may not be accepted at all apartment complexes, but if you are allowed to have one, you will not have to exercise it too often.


8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This breed is exceptionally intelligent, but you need to make sure you train it at a young age or else it can be a bit unruly once it is older. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels make for great lap dogs, and once it gets a short walk, it will most likely collapse on the couch and enjoy a well-deserved nap.


9. Pug


Pugs are some of the most hilarious dogs out there, and you will have no problem finding laugh-out-loud videos on YouTube of various Pug antics. They do tend to be prone to breathing issues, so they cannot get too much exercise before feeling overexerted. They also do not do well in extreme heat, so you need to be careful of walks during the summer. Many times, you can leave a Pug inside, and it will find a way to entertain itself.


10. Miniature Pinscher


Miniature Pinschers generally have a bit more energy than most of the other dogs presented here. They will require a walk at least once a day, but afterward, it will be content simply resting on the couch. Most Miniature Pinschers will end up weighing around eight or nine pounds, so they are accepted at virtually all apartment buildings that allow dogs.


11. Pekingese


Once you see how fluffy a Pekingese can get, you will understand why people enjoy having them as lap dogs. Additionally, this is a fairly independent breed, so they will be content lying about the house all day while you are working. They are also pretty quiet, so they will not annoy the neighbors too often.


12. Chihuahua


Chihuahuas are some of the smallest dogs you will find. As such, they do not have a lot of energy to expend. Sometimes you will come across a Chihuahua that likes to run around a lot, but these are usually puppies. Chihuahua tend to grow out of their rambunctious phase.


13. Greyhound


This may be the most surprising entry on the list, considering Greyhounds are known for being fast dogs meant for racing. However, when you own a Greyhound, you just need to take it for a short 20-minute walk daily. After that, it is going to want to sleep on the couch and not be bothered.



It is important to get a dog that is suitable for your lifestyle. In some cases, that may involve getting a dog that just likes lounging on the sofa for hours. 

gina hall on August 12 at 1:46 PM said:

I looked up my own dog breed the SHIH TZU, they DO NOT SHED, I've had them all my life, at least 5 of them and NONE of them shed, they do require grooming but you do not have to plan on cleaning up ANY SHEDDING. Therefore, this entire article is written by someone who doesn't know anything about dogs. Clicking OUT
L.J. Welsh on August 12 at 2:01 PM said:

I agree with Gina. I also have a Shih Tzu. You are right. This breed doesn't seem to require much exercise, but they do not shed.
Christine S. on August 12 at 2:41 PM said:

You are both right.....Shih-tzu's do not shed! Typically any dog whose coat continues to grow (hair, as opposed to fur), needs to be groomed to keep the hair a good length. I'm pretty sure I'm right on this....but I do know that they do not shed (Shih-tzu's).
A.OSBORNE on August 12 at 2:42 PM said:

Jimmy Dew on August 12 at 3:15 PM said:

I have a Pug & a Rat Terrier and they get along with our 2 cats, which the Pug loves. the Pug cannot take hot weather so when we walk in the summer she has a baby stroller, and she loves it when people come up to see the baby, she loves everybody.
Barbara on August 12 at 3:24 PM said:

Another breed the author overlooked is the gentle giant Great Dane, another large breed dog who loves to be a couch potato. Was owned by two wonderful Danes in my life, with proper training and usually a daily walk I never had problems. While at work they slept, and at night they liked nothing better than snuggling up close in bed, couse I only owned one Dane at a time, since I only own a double bed. I did know a couple who lived in an apartment who also owned a Dane, and the dog adapted quite well. Life is all in what one makes it.
Doreen on August 12 at 5:04 PM said:

You might want to add Italian Greyhounds to the list along with the big greys. My 3 Italian Greyhound girls take a few runs around the yard or house in inclement weather and are done for the day. They are happy to curl up with me or a soft blanket on the couch.
Ashley on October 1 at 10:55 AM said:

yes I have chihuahua and they do not not a lot of exercise
Margaret hogan on April 29 at 5:12 AM said:

Well I have had 3 shih thus and still just one now who ever wrote this is very wrong yes they need grooming and yes they love a walk but THEY DO NOT SHED WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH

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